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To the relentless pursuit of wines of elegance, purity and sophistication.

Our Story

Purchased in 2013 as a lifestyle change opportunity, our vineyard is an expression of our desire to produce wines of elegance, purity and sophistication.

Our 53-acre block has played a significant part in the history of the region.

Our property has been the scene of many pursuits including a Chinese market garden during the gold rush days on the fertile banks of Brandy Creek (which cuts a path though the vineyard), the tram line which once brought the iron ore from the mine to the furnace on the East Arm of Tamar River. We also have it on good authority that the local horse racing track cut through a section of our property!

These days this lovely property is overseen by, Gus the (Golden Retriever), Monty the (Newfoundland) and our flock of Baby Doll Southdown Sheep led by Friday the legend!

And us of course!

Biodiversity in the vineyard

We are acutely aware of the need to care and nurture our property.

As part of this commitment we utilise the beautiful “Baby doll” Southdown sheep who are the perfect size for vineyards. Their smaller stature and longer body length means they are suited to graze under vines without damaging them. They organically fertilize the land as they graze which is an added advantage!

We also have commenced mulching under our vines from hay that is cut yearly from our own property. The mulch is a great weed suppressant, not only does it help retain moisture in the soil which reduces our water usage in the summer but it also helps to improve the soil. The worms are a testament to this!